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Marlin Studios Releases "Tropical Trees & Foliage Alpha Maps"

Graphics studio and publisher Marlin Studios has announced the release of a new texture library entitled "Tropical Trees & Foliage Alpha Maps." The product is the 22nd in the Marlin Studios series of highly useable texture and 3d model libraries created for use by graphic artists. The tropical tree textures can be used in virtually any 2D or 3D graphics program.

Tropical Trees & Foliage Alpha Maps contains 2 CD-Roms containing 55 photorealistic alpha map images of palms and other tropical trees; and 61 plants, such as shrubs, hedges, flowers, leaves and branches. An alpha map texture depicts an object with its background removed, and the area surrounding the object is transparent when used in a computer graphics program. The textures can be applied to single or multiple planes in any 3D software, or composited in most 2d programs such as Adobe Photoshop®.

The textures were created from high-resolution photographs, resulting in the most photorealistic representation of trees and foliage available in computer graphics applications. The alpha maps are also a great alternative to high polygon, CG-looking tree models and can even cast shadows in animations or still renders.

According to Company President and Art Director Tom Marlin, the library was created due to a growing demand by users who wanted tropical trees in their visualizations and renders.

"We've had tremendous success with our previous release of 'Virtual Trees & Foliage Alpha Maps', becoming the premiere source for adding low polygon trees to a an artist's scene," he said. "But we kept getting the question, 'Where are the palm trees?' We realized then that the need for tropical foliage is almost as large as that of conifers and hardwoods. Tropical Trees & Foliage becomes a great complement to Virtual Trees & Foliage."

Three sizes of the alpha map textures are offered in JPG and TGA formats, ranging in size from 1600 x 1200 pixels to 533 x 400 pixels. The textures can be used royalty free in an artist's work. Tropical Trees & Foliage also includes a browser for conveniently searching the textures and displaying thumbnails. The library can be used on all major platforms: PC, Mac, Alpha, and Unix.

Tropical Trees & Foliage Alpha Maps sells for $239 plus s/h. The library can be ordered online at the Marlin Studios website below, or by telephone, secure fax or mail. http://www.marlinstudios.com/order/order.htm

Complete product information is available at: http://www.marlinstudios.com/products/tropical/tropical.htm

Complete sample thumbnail images and artwork created with the textures can be viewed and free sample textures can be downloaded at: http://www.marlinstudios.com/samples/samptrop.htm

The library can also be ordered by telephone at 817-860-0596, by secure fax at 817-265-6636, by mail (see web site), or through a wide range of resellers located throughout the world.

Marlin Studios, of Arlington, Texas, is a graphics publisher and studio founded in 1993 by Company President Tom Marlin. The company currently offers 22 texture and 3D model libraries. Marlin Studios takes pride in using only the most talented and creative artists from around the world, and specializes in graphics software development/publishing and high-end graphics art and animation.



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